US Department of State sealSlide shows and videos of the UIELSP Grant Students at Saint Michael’s College, in the Intensive English Program  — The students are shown meeting with the Governor of Vermont at the Vermont State House, on field trips through Vermont, giving presentations at public schools, having fun on campus, spending time with host families, enjoying their American and international roommates        


6 Responses to UIELSP Grant

  1. Misael Benitez says:

    Thank u for this present to all of us…

  2. This is just beautiful 🙂 I wish could come back to VT someday soon. The experiences lived and the moments shared still linger. A little piece of me will always be in St. Michaels. Beautiful place, wonderful people. Thank you.

  3. Jaquelin says:

    Amazing! Christine… thanks for keeping a record of all the moments we all lived back there

  4. jonas says:

    this is a place where i need to go back just to keep living what i experienced there. how time pass so quickly, it seems yesterday i was on canterbury and prepare Polly’s homeworks. hope you are fine and thanks for sharing with us the way to imagine and make it run, the success.

  5. Daniel Evans says:

    Oh I miss these Latin American students! They added so much to our IEP. Thanks for these lovely slideshows and videos.

  6. Elizabeth O'Dowd says:

    Wonderful! Such happy memories of these students who brightened our campus.

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